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Yoga, medicine, survival

Below this is computer translation from Russian into English, I am not sure that the translation is completely correct.

It has long been my tongue to write something like “Yoga, medicine, health”. The problem is that first you need to create and test in your own organism, and these are years and tens of years of work without any guidelines and guarantees of success. I am not ready and I do not know if I will ever be able to. However, the topic is extremely  urgent and the further, the more. Also, from the experience of many adventurous undertakings, I know that if you do not undertake an impossible work, then it will definitely remain in the realm of the impossible. Therefore, I am presenting an approximate content as a declaration of intent, without any obligations and deadlines.
And if I am wrong and lie my verse, then there is no me and no verses of mine.

Yoga, medicine, survival
The desire and motivation to be healthy, motivation as an incentive and barrier.
Health levels
Health and culture of consciousness.
Human health and biosphere.
The limit of permissible intervention in health and fate.
Health, karma, fate, help and permissible limits of assistance.
Health, medicine, crime, slavery.
Maintaining health through parasitism.
Parasitism and the degradation of the soul.
The degradation of health and the degradation of the soul.
Collective karma, medicine and health.
Information pollution.
Ability self-limiting and limits of intelligence.
Vertical consciousness and system stability.
The genesis of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses, the authors of new diseases, their motivation.
Health and parasitic entities.
Medicine and pharmaceuticals as tools of totalitarian control.
Health and longevity, the prospects of a technocratic civilization.
Health and energy of the body, energy and consciousness.
Vertical of consciousness. Hierarchy of consciousness. Parallel consciousness. Shell model of human. Solar energetics.
Chakras as centers of symmetry. The evolution of the energy structure of living beings.
The evolution of consciousness, the waves of time, the symmetry of the past and the future, the memory of the future.
Intellect in the modern world and the culture of consciousness.
The spectrum of consciousness, the active levels of consciousness, the sources and points of application of the will, the rotation of the wheel, the integrity of consciousness, the limits of stability of the physiological organism.
Immortality is reality and fantasy.
The limits of individual health in an unhealthy environment.
Puberty, sex, self-control ability, health, longevity, immortality.
Knowledge, understanding and means of treatment are medical and yogic, freedom and slavery.
Medicine and pharmaceuticals as an industry, motivation, from the Hippocratic Oath to business.
Growth personality. Points of growth and the ability of self-restraint and self-restraint, forcing activity and unbridledness. Growth energy, self-restraint and the creation of chakras. Spheres of self-restraint and growth.
Health awareness is yogic and medical.
Technocracy as a way of flawed existence. Technocracy and parasitism.
Motivation levels, depletion of motivation, sources of motivation.
Horizons, limits, limitations, conditionality, base, origins, predetermination, spiritual and physical development of a person and living beings in general.
The usefulness of food, energy and the possibility of their assimilation is beneficial, limited by the ability to control and restraint. Bioenergy and nutrition.
Rhythms and rhymes of energies, lessons in rhyme, inner verse.